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At DesignStack, we understand the importance of your brand. Take a look at our latest work below.

Nice Nashers is a stylish and modern WordPress theme, perfect for creating a visually stunning website. With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, this theme is not only eye-catching but also optimized for search

Nice Nashers

We are excited to showcase  recent web design project in our portfolio, the creation of the website for “Nice Nashers” – a company dedicated to

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A website design with a lighthouse in the background.

The Lobster Pot

At Designstack, we are dedicated to creating exceptional websites for our clients. We’re excited to present our recent project in our portfolio, the website design

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A custom website design for a cocktail website in Dorset.

Branded Cans

At Designstack, our dedication lies in crafting exceptional websites for our clients. We’re thrilled to present one of our latest accomplishments in our portfolio –

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The homepage of a website with a picture of a woman and a woman.

In The Bag PR

At Designstack, we take pride in our commitment to creating engaging and impactful websites for our clients. One of our recent projects, which we are

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Crossfit duronova wordpress theme with SEO design.

Crossfit Durnovaria

We’re delighted to introduce the freshly launched website of Crossfit Durnovaria. From conceptualisation to implementation, our team was committed to creating a website that embodied

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A meticulously designed website showcasing a captivating walk through the enchanting landscapes of Redcliffe in Dorset.

Weymouth Trails

‘Weymouth Trails’ is a unique initiative that showcases the beauty of Weymouth and its surrounding areas. The project was brought to life in association with

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Roofing cleaning website.

JB Roofing and Cleaning

We recently had the pleasure of working with JB Roofing and Cleaning, designing a website that truly showcases their exceptional services. As a company that

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MedSec Services

MedSec Services

MedSec Services, a leading healthcare provider, has recently collaborated with our design team to create a new logo and website. We took on the challenge

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Loadedz Homepage Screenshot


Loadedz is a fun ongoing project we started in early 2022. Creating a brand-new Loadedz website was an exciting for our team considering the creative

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Daisy Vending Homepage Screenshot

Daisy Vending

Creating a new website for Daisy Vending has been an incredibly exciting experience. Daisy Vending approached us and wanted a website that would reflect the

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Website design for Andrews Plant Hire

Andrews Plant Hire

We recently had the pleasure of designing a website for Andrews Plant Hire, a business based in UK. We wanted to create an online presence

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Dorset Microgreens Homepage

Dorset Microgreens

We were very excited to work with Dorset Microgreens on their new branding. They had a great vision for what they wanted their company to

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Flyers, flavourstream logo, product development, photography, social media management


When I began working with DaisyVending, I was tasked with designing Flyers and their logo. During the creative process, our team came up with a

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Logo, branding, packaging design for 420 Guys

420 Guys

Designing the logo, branding and packaging design for 420 Guys was an incredible experience. We often feel like We creating something that helps to shape

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Website design, seo for Smarter Eco

Smarter Eco

We designed the website design and SEO for Smarter Eco with great care and attention to detail. We wanted to make sure Smarter Eco had

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Website design, logo for Random Collectables

Random Collectables

Recently, my team and I were tasked with designing a website and logo for Random Collectables. We knew that this project was important because it

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Website redesign, speed optimisation for Skidmarx


Working with Skidmarx to create a website redesign and speed optimisation was a unique challenge that I was utterly excited to take on. With their

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Picknics Homepage Screenshot


Picknics is a local sandwich deli in Weymouth. We were approached as they were looking to create a new website that allowed their customers to

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Halls Kitchen Homepage Image

Halls Kitchen

Halls Kitchen are a local restaurant in Weymouth that needed a new website. We worked with the team locally to produce a responsive, stylish website

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Website design, logo for Kwicksilver Kustoms

Montahue Finacial

Designing a website and logo for Montahue Finacial was an incredibly rewarding experience. We worked tirelessly on the project, brainstorming ideas and working towards a

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Website design, logo design, menu, flyers for Proper Naughty

Proper Naughty

Recently, my team and I had the pleasure of designing a website, logo, menu, and flyers for Proper Naughty. We began with the website design.

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website & logo design for Kwicksilver Kustoms

Kwicksilver Kustoms

We designed a website design and logo for Kwicksilver Kustoms. We took the time to truly understand their vision, what they were wanting to convey

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JB Syrups Homepage

JB Syrups

Creating a complete new ecommerce website for JB Syrups was a great challenge. Despite the complexity of the project, I had a feeling that we

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KustomVans Homepage Screenshot


KustomVans was a project we were really proud to work on. We wanted to create something special, and ended up designing a complete website from

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Website design, seo for Straightline Repointing

Straightline Repointing

Straightline Repointing is a business that specializes in restoring and repairing brickwork. We designed their website, ensuring it was easy to navigate, attractive and search

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A SEO-optimized website design for a building service provider in Dorset.

Laming & Sons

We recently had the pleasure of designing a new website for Laming & Sons, an well established building and construction company. Our goal was to

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Website design, logo, branding consultation for 4D Surveying

4D Surveying

We recently had the pleasure of designing website design, logo and branding consultation for 4D Surveying. We approached each project with a great level of

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Logo for Portland Explore

Portland Explore

I recently had the opportunity to design a logo for Portland Explore, an organization focused on promoting exploration and adventure in the Portland area. This

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Logo, social images, banners for Otcrit


I recently had the pleasure of designing logo, social images, and banners for Otcrit. This project was particularly exciting for me since I love working

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Logo for B5 Solutions

B5 Solutions

Designing a logo for a business is no easy task. It needs to be simple enough that it can be easily remembered and also portray

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Logo, packaging design for D'Ami CBD


Working on the logo, packaging design for D’Ami CBD was a very rewarding experience. This project took our team several weeks to complete; every detail

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Flyer design designed for Vape D'Ami

Vape D’Ami

My experience working on the Vape D’Ami flyer design project was incredibly rewarding. It was a great opportunity to learn how to market a product

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Logo designed for Haven Insurance

Haven Insurance

I recently had the opportunity to design a logo for Haven Insurance, and it was an incredibly rewarding experience. Working closely with their marketing team,

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Website design for Matrix Scaffolding

Matrix Scaffolding

Recently, we designed a website for Matrix Scaffolding – a scaffolding and access solutions provider. Our goal was to create an attractive web design that

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Logo designed for Coach & Horses

Coach & Horses

Designing a logo for Coach & Horses was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. The restaurant is a local favorite, with an

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Website design, logo for GOJO Fitness

GOJO Fitness

We had the honor of designing a website and logo for GOJO Fitness. Our team worked tirelessly to ensure every aspect of this project was

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