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At DesignStack, we completely understand the fundamental role that a top-notch gym website plays in driving your UK-based fitness business to greater heights. In today's digital world, a cracking website isn't just an asset; it's an absolute must-have, as crucial as your physical gym space. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you build a powerful and successful website.

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Visual appeal with Full functionality, your All-In-One gym Website Design's solution

At DesignStack, our passion lies in the craft of gym website design, where visual allure seamlessly intertwines with operational prowess. We grasp the significance of a website that transcends aesthetics, one that functions as the central nerve center for your gym’s digital presence. Our expert team specializes in website design, curating bespoke solutions that not only captivate but also deliver comprehensive functionality, ensuring your website becomes the ultimate asset for your thriving gym.

Booking System

DesignStack can integrate a user-friendly booking system into your gym’s website. This system will allow your clients to schedule appointments for personal training sessions, group classes, or other services offered by your gym. It can include features such as easy calendar views, various booking options, automated reminders, and secure payment processing, streamlining the booking process for both your clients and your staff.


Class Timetable

We’ll create a dynamic and easily accessible class timetable on your website, displaying the schedule of fitness classes, yoga sessions, and other activities your gym offers. This timetable can be regularly updated, allowing clients to see the class timings, instructors, and any changes or additions in real-time. Integrating filters and search options will make it convenient for users to find and enroll in their preferred classes.

E-commerce Merchandise Store

DesignStack can set up an e-commerce section on your website, enabling the sale of gym merchandise, such as branded apparel, supplements, accessories, and equipment. This online store will provide a seamless shopping experience for your members, featuring high-quality images, detailed product descriptions, secure payment gateways, and shipping options. It can also include customer accounts for order history, wish lists, and promotional discounts.


Blog/News System

Integrating a blog system into your website is a great way to share valuable content and engage with your audience. DesignStack can develop a blog platform where you can publish articles, fitness tips, success stories, nutrition advice, and updates about the gym. This system will allow you to categorize content, enable comments for community interaction, optimize for search engines, and share articles across social media, attracting more traffic to your website.

Supercharge Your Website's Performance Through Seamless Integrations

Our mission is to amplify your website’s capabilities by seamlessly integrating leading tools. We connect your website with TeamUp for easy scheduling, Woodify for efficient inventory management, Upkeep for streamlined maintenance, and Zapier for automated workflows. These integrations empower your website to operate at its peak, providing a user-friendly experience. 


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