Weymouth & Portland Chamber of Commerce

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Weymouth Chamber of Commerce

At Designstack, we take pride in creating purposeful and functional websites. We are thrilled to present our recent project in the portfolio: the website design for the “Weymouth Chamber of Commerce.” This online hub serves as a collective platform for businesses in the Weymouth and Portland region to connect, list their services, share events, and stay updated on relevant news within the business community.


Client Overview:

The “Weymouth & Portland Chamber of Commerce” serves as a dynamic digital space for businesses to congregate, share, and grow together. It is an essential online resource allowing companies in the area to list their services, promote events, and stay informed about the latest news related to their community.


Platform and Tools Used

For this project, we utilized WordPress as the platform and harnessed the versatile features of Elementor as the website builder. This strategic choice allowed us to amalgamate the robustness of WordPress with the user-friendly design capabilities of Elementor, creating a website that is both interactive and highly functional.


Project Highlights

1. Business Listing and Authentication

The primary focus of the website was to enable businesses to list their services while ensuring authenticity. To achieve this, we implemented a registration process that required admin approval. This method ensured that all listed businesses were authentic, maintaining the credibility and reliability of the platform. This was crucial to foster a trustworthy environment for businesses to connect and grow.

2. Event Participation and Listing

We integrated an events section that allowed businesses to list and participate in relevant events. By creating a platform for event promotion and participation, we aimed to foster community engagement and collaboration among businesses in the region. This feature encourages participation and interaction, contributing to a vibrant business ecosystem.

3. Latest News Section

To keep the community updated, we developed a news section where the latest happenings and news related to businesses in the area were shared. By curating and disseminating news, we aimed to keep businesses informed about relevant developments and opportunities in their community.



Your turn to transform your digital presence

Our collaboration with the Weymouth & Portland Chamber of Commerce has significantly impacted the local business community. The website we designed has facilitated a platform for businesses to connect, list services, participate in events, and stay informed about the latest news. This digital space fosters collaboration, growth, and community engagement, thereby enhancing the local business landscape.

We are proud to have contributed to the local business ecosystem by providing a functional and interactive platform that supports community growth and connectivity.

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