Sweet Thief

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Website design, logo, packaging design for Sweet Thief

We recently created website design, logo, and packaging design for Sweet Thief. Our goal was to create a memorable brand presence that would draw customers in while still conveying the uniqueness of the product line. We started off by creating an aesthetically pleasing website with easy navigation and simple webpages. Each page had visuals that were vibrant and colourful, yet also professional-looking; something that would capture attention and make customers feel welcome. Next we designed a logo for Sweet Thief; this involved choosing fonts and colours that correlated with the product line’s identity as well as making sure it was recognizable in all sizes. 



Finally, we designed packaging for Sweet Thief – this included selecting paper stock options, textures, shapes and sizes which would best suit the product line. We wanted to ensure each piece of packaging was not only beautiful but functional too – something people could easily use or store at home.

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