Montahue Finacial

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Website design, logo for Kwicksilver Kustoms

Designing a website and logo for Montahue Finacial was an incredibly rewarding experience. We worked tirelessly on the project, brainstorming ideas and working towards a design that would both accurately portray the company’s mission, and be attractive to potential customers. After many hours of effort, we were finally able to come up with an appropriate solution. Our website design featured bold colours and innovative designs that matched the company’s independence spirit while still being approachable to customers who might not have been familiar with the brand before.



Additionally, our logo design featured a unique shape that quickly established Montahue Finacial as a leader in the custom car industry. It was immensely satisfying to see all of our hard work come together into one cohesive design package for Montahue Finacial that both honored their traditions while helping them grow their business.

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