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Loadedz Homepage Screenshot

Loadedz is a fun ongoing project we started in early 2022.

Creating a brand-new Loadedz website was an exciting for our team considering the creative freedom we had. We worked hard together to create a unique and vibrant atmosphere on the site that would make customers smile.

Fun Brand Identity

The first step was to create a fun brand identity that reflected their mission statement, as well as give customers an idea of what kind of products they can expect.

After perfecting the logo, we moved on to designing an animated menu which featured fun and creative animations to help visitors better understand the product range.




We also did plenty of on-location photoshoots of their delicious waffles, ice creams and donuts.

Eye-catching Design

We were also required to create eye-catching flyers and Stickers so we could better advertise Loadedz products in physical settings like retail stores or local markets.

This helped get the word out about the business more effectively, while also helping us develop more relationships with potential customers who may be interested in trying one of their items.

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