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Logo, packaging design for D'Ami CBD

Working on the logo, packaging design for D’Ami CBD was a very rewarding experience. This project took our team several weeks to complete; every detail needed to be perfect in order to make a lasting impression for this new company. We wanted to portray the same rejuvenating sensation that D’Ami’s products provide through their unique blend of organic hemp oil and natural ingredients.



We put our hearts into crafting an iconic logo that represented both wellness and sophistication. To ensure it was modern yet timeless, we focused on utilizing strong shapes and bold colors while keeping the text legible and eye-catching. The sleek packaging design allowed us to further convey the nature of D’Ami’s product line through vivid illustrations and minimalistic typography. Additionally, careful thought was taken when incorporating each element of the product’s labeling in order to bring out its essence in an effective way.

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